EVE Online: Are sandbox games the way forward?

16 03 2009

What is a sandbox game you may ask. Well in this type of game a player may ignore game objectives and go off to “do their own thing”. This can often open up possibilities that were not intended by the game designer.

I tried out the 21 day free trial of “EVE Online” this Sunday and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

One thing I’ve always despised about MMORPGs is that almost all of them require hours upon hours of leveling up skills! EVE Online takes a different approach. You do have to learn skills to be able to do certain things, pilot certain craft etc, however you set up your training and then can log off and your character still continues to train. This makes the game ideal for the casual player like myself. I can log on for as little as 20 mins and get something achieved, whereas in games like World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online it usually takes a minimum of at least an hour to achieve something

I suggest anyone who has had a taste for MMORPGs to check out EVE Online. Another good thing is that you can pay for subscription with ingame cash “apparently”.




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