Quadruple Bypass Burger and a Physical from one of the Serving Girls Please!

5 06 2009

Man this has to be the untimate “indulgance Burger” joint on the planet!

I’m actually considering finding out where it is and flying out. It’s on my list of things to do before I die!

The place is called the Heart Attack Grill, and if the food doesn’t kill you, the palpatations from the hot waiting girls might!


The best advert in the world!

7 01 2009

Picked up this little beauty on FailBlog… I can see why it’s on there, but in all fairness the product looks quite good!

Shame about the name!

What do you think?

My mate Marmite

7 01 2009

Marmite….. you either love it or hate it!……. and I love it!

Just before Christmas I impulsivly bought a jar since I hadn’t had any for years. I then put this on Twitter.

Social media mogul Michael Litman picked up on this and arranged a nice little surprise to be sent my way from the Splendid Communications office.

Yup a spanking huge pile of Marmite! And I must say everyone here is particularly impressed by the squeezy bottle as most Marmite eaters will know it’s a bitch to get it out of the jar sometimes.

Marmite all round!

Jurassic Beer! That’s right from 45 Million years ago!

7 11 2008

Everyone who prides them selves of knowing a bit about film will have seen Jurassic Park. It was one of the first films to use realistic CG to create creatures and we all know the tale of how the dinosaurs were cloned.

Mosquitoes feed on Dino blood – fly gets stuck in amber – amber fossilises – 45 million years later human takes Dino blood from amber encased fly and clones Dino.


Well now in the real world the same technique has been used to make beer using a strain of yeast from 45 million years ago!

The company is called the Fossil Brewing Co. and their site says the process went a bit like this:

“Dr. Raul Cano, using amber obtained from locations around the world (including Burma, Central and North America), isolated and revived a bacterium, which had lain dormant in the gut of an encased bee for approximately 40 million years (Science 268, pp. 1060-1064, 1995). During his research, Dr. Cano, periodically working with Mr. Lambert, isolated a few yeast strains that resembled modern Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In other words, they are similar to the yeast we use every day for brewing and baking, except the newly discovered yeasts were much further back in the evolutionary chain. Essentially, Dr. Cano isolated the long lost ancestors of modern brewing yeast.”


They are not shipping the beer outside of their suppliers yet, but I’ve been added to their mailing list so as soon as it’s possible I’ll be treating myself to a glass of Fred Flinstone’s favourite lager…. or close enough!

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