Beefeater sent me some Gin….. WIN!

22 05 2009

The nice peeps at Beefeater have sent me some of their Gin to try out! I’ll be posting a full analysis of it over the bank holiday weekend (how it tastes, bottle design etc).

Cheers Beefeater! Feel free to send me more whenever you like!


SNOW = Best W.M.D. against the UK!

5 02 2009

The numerous displays of panic and general breakdown of the countries transport infastructure due to SNOW recently only can be described as pathetic.

It makes me ashamed to call myself British!!!

People are taking “SNOW DAYS” off work because they are snowed in! Yes that’s right… I said snowed in! Even though the snow is only a few inches thick and the roads have been salted!

Let me explain what snowed in really means:



Now we have that cleared up can everyone in the UK please grow a pair!

Arrg………. I have to say it…… 50 years ago everyone would laugh at the sad state of modern society….

Oooooh look out!……snow! …… LAME!

Tennant watches Home Alone/MacGyver too much!

12 01 2009

I always find it amusing when someone tries to emulate Home Alone/MacGyver style traps and doesn’t bother to think of the consequences. In the case of one man in the Bay Shore area of New York I think he’s taken is a bit to far.

The man was arrested for almost killing another man with a booby trap in his home to keep intruders out.

The trap was to protect himself from squatters that lived in the building, but for some reason he didn’t put the trap away for a technician that was scheduled to come to the apartment.

The landlord warned the tennant of the mantanance and told him the work was necessary. Luckily, the technician never faced the trap because the landlord entered the apartment before him to make sure it was safe. When the landlord tried to open the door he noticed some sort of contraption set up behind it, making it hard for him to fully open it.

Thankfully, he was cautious and checked to see if there was anything worth noticing. You can imagine his surprise when he saw the vietnam war style punji trap with a huge knife above him!

*Note to self … “disable home-made traps for repairmen”


2 01 2009

Hey all.. sorry for the lame performance in blog updates since Xmas. I’ve had a lot of “panic station” moments over the last week and barely had time to update my Twitter… let alone blog!

All will be back to normal starting tomorrow though!

Yes that’s right… I may have lost the Demons prize to the mess in my Office among other disasters… but am convinced the horizon will soon be clear and promise to find another worthy prize for the yearly Celerityscraps Xmas give-away (even if it is a bit late!)

Peace out!

Xmas Head Cold Kills One..Almost!

22 12 2008

I’ve first got to apologise for the lack of anything new being published on this site for the last few days. The reason for it is good… but there is a story behind it.

It all started on a day like any other… I was tweeting my life away and had the gall to say this:

Ohhhh what a fool I was to tempt fate and be oh so cocky.

Within 24 hours the powers that toy with our lives (and mine more than most) decided to reward my confidence with the worst head cold ever inflicted on any human being.

It actually felt like my head was going to pop….. also the 50% rise in Kleenex shares is down to me!

So resigned not to be ill over the entire Xmas period I decided to Quarentine myself, fast for a few days and drink tons of water!

To my surprise and after 4 grusome days I emerged from my Quarentine zone with just a tiny cold which is trivial in comparison to what I had.

I do feel a bit guilty though as one of my housemates has now contracted what I affectionatly named “Ebola X”….. sorry Helen and hope you get well soon.

So there… I wasn’t blogging cos I was “Incapacitated”……. my head felt like it was going to do an impression of the guy at the beginning of the film “Scanners”!!…. watch it and you’ll get the idea!

Merry Xmas all…. hope you don’t get what I had!

Christmas sorted!!

9 12 2008

This weekend I managed to get 90% of my Xmas pressies in one fail swoop! I even managed to wrap them already!

I must say I’m quite chuffed with myself as I usually get them on 24th Dec each year in one mad rush.

Remember that the Celebrityscraps annual competition with thousands of glamorous prizes will be up soon…. I BET YOU CAN’T WAIT!