Quadruple Bypass Burger and a Physical from one of the Serving Girls Please!

5 06 2009

Man this has to be the untimate “indulgance Burger” joint on the planet!

I’m actually considering finding out where it is and flying out. It’s on my list of things to do before I die!

The place is called the Heart Attack Grill, and if the food doesn’t kill you, the palpatations from the hot waiting girls might!


Health Update 3

10 07 2008

All is going well. Eating in the morning is a plus at the moment 😀

I seem to have got into a routine that is working. I’ve only deviated slightly from the plan once in 3 weeks so I think I’m doing ok.

Current weight is X minus 9lbs which i didn’t think would be possible in 3 weeks!!

I’m gonna keep going although I have a stag weekend in a couple of weeks which means that I can’t afford to be to fussy for food during that.

I guess we’ll see as time goes on if my willpower can hold the course of this rough ride!

Health Update 2

24 06 2008

Right so far i’ve been good. It’s gotta all be about diet and discipline!

I’m now on Gin & Slimline instead of Beer! :*(

I’m now eating a high fibre breakfast cereal to start the day, soup for lunch and a healthy meal in the evening!!!

Go me!!

Lets see how long it lasts lol!

Oh and since my last post my weight it X minus 2.1 Lbs!