Britain’s Got Talent Sucks!

15 04 2009

This week my point I’ve been making since the cash-clown that is Britain’s Got Talent was first concieved by the Anti-Christ Simon Cowell and Co was hammered home….. IT SUCKS!

Fourty Seven year old Susan Boyle walked on stage and the whole audience instantly began laughing at her…. I mean WTF!… Yep she’s no oil painting but you’d think people would have given her a chance.

People are saying things like “She wow’d the judges with her performance”… in all fairness her performance of “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserable was awesome. But more than that…. it said F**K YOU! to all the people in the audience and especially the judges who were not wow’d….. they were ashamed that they didn’t give her a chance.

Watching that video made me want to pluck Susan Boyle to safety and drop an A-Bomb on the audience/judges!