Twitter enters the World of Warcraft

9 07 2009

Part of me always knew that eventually someone would create a World of Warcraft add-on that allowed people to use Twitter in game. With over 9 million players world-wide it was a matter of when, and not if it happened.

This was a few days old when I picked up on it but I have to admit it looks great for players who use Twitter!

I’d like to introduce “Tweetcraft”!


TweetCraft can:

  • Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI)
  • Queue Tweets to send when it’s more convenient for you
  • Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic
  • AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement
  • Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet

TweetCraft is an open source application built for Microsoft’s Coding4Fun, in association with Channel 9.


Chris Brogan serves up social media

4 11 2008

I’ll let Chris’s description on his website save me the bother of introducing him, although if you work in social media he should need no introduction: “Chris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and technology to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds at, a blog in the top 20 of the Advertising Age Power150, and in the top 100 on Technorati. ” …. there.. done.. dusted, and for anyone who hasn’t heard of him…. *he knows what he’s on about*


For all of you who want to extra insight from a clever mind into the world of social media I suggest you check out Chris’s site as it’s full of useful information for everyone.

I was recently having an email conversation with Laura Roeder, a social media and blogging strategist based in Los Angeles regarding Chris’s site, and how people who have heard of him don’t always realise how ‘in the know’ he is until they hit his site.

It was defiantly that way for me so I suggest that you all check out his site:

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