Beefeater Gin – A Paradox in the Spirit World!

28 05 2009

Last week Beefeater sent me over a bottle of their Gin to check out.

Now I’m known to be a bit of a gin connoisseur among my peers so I obviously jumped at the chance.

1.) The Bottle

The bottle is a nice rectangular shaped design. Great for stacking and not rolling off the table and smashing when knocked over (a common problem among drinkers I’m told!). They have a picture of a Beefeater on the bottle which is a good start…. I’m kind of hoping for a new “special edition” bottle to come out that actually looks like a Beefeater!

I must admit that the bottle does feel a bit light and ‘plasticy’ though!

Marks for the bottle (design, and drunken handling ability) – 7/10

2.) Taste

I’ve tasted a lot of gin in my time and my top gins weigh up as “Hendrik’s”, “Martin Millar’s”, and “Bols Jonge Dutch Gin”.

The Beefeater Gin definitely ranks up above Gordons, and Plymouth Gin as it is very smooth and has little bitterness. I’d say it’s up with Martin Millar’s in levels of quality and taste.

The only downside I can see is that it is very smooth, and I did find it hard to gauge how strong a drink I’d free-poured (this would not me a problem in a bar though)

Marks for taste (smoothness, drinking ability) – 8/10

3.) Price

As this bottle was sent to me for review by Beefeater I didn’t have to pay for it which is always a bonus in my book! I did a little research online and found that of my top gins these are the average prices online per 70cl bottle:

Hendrik’s: £21.00-£25.00

Bols: £23.15-£29.99

Martin Millar’s: £23.00-£26.00

Beefeater: £11.99-£13.99

Plymouth: £14.99-£15.99

Gordon’s: £9.99-£12.00

This puts Beefeater way ahead in the price VS taste war!

Marks for price (price vs taste vs other gins) – 9.5/10

Well that’s it!

I’d definitely consider Beefeater again if I was looking to buy a Gin and saw it on the shelf….. oh and if Beefeater want to send me another bottle I may even stream a Gin-Party online for you 🙂

TOTAL SCORE – 8.2/10